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Crime is a complex issue that requires good legislation on many levels. 

My policies address many of the reasons people turn (or return) to crime.  From focusing on illiteracy and providing a meaningful education, to finding good jobs for those ready to leave incarceration, I've attempted to address the full spectrum of the  problem.

We can no longer expect our mayors and cities to tackle the escalating crime rates without legislative leadership.


Violent crime is something the legislature can affect quickly and efficiently.

In 1998, the Florida State Legislature enacted legislation to deter violent crime known as "10-20-Life."

According to the Florida Department of Corrections, this legislation  "helped to drive down Florida's violent-gun crime rates by 30 percent."

Part of the success was due to a full advertising blitz including roadside billboards, and advertisements in shopping malls.

It needs to be stressed - This legislation is about deterring violent crime.

Prevention works!

If elected, this is one piece of over-due legislation I will sponsor in my first term as Senator.