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Although there are many important issues, these appear most urgent:

Health Care: 

Some think that granting coverage to all Hoosiers will magically fix the health care problem.  But, the overwhelming majority of these people lack timely access (or any access at all) to a health care provider. 
Insurance is worthless unless people have a provider to see.

Hoosiers already provide enough tax money to tackle both access and coverage concerns.  

Through my years of health care experience, I've seen first hand the impact that poor access to providers, and poorly framed legislation has on patients and professional practice. 

I have a plan that's fair to patients, health care entities and taxpayers.  Most importantly, it remains focused on the rights and dignity of our patients.

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In 1983, the Federal Government published A Nation at Risk, a report that called for "excellence in education."  In 2002 NCLB replaced the excellence movement with test-based accountability.   These tests are only capable or accessing the surface dimension of education.  They fail to access the level of skill, literacy and training students must possess to be effective in the 21st century.

After speaking with educators from all over the State, and as an educator myself, I tell you, "Our children are being left behind!"

We must follow the lead of other states and re-emphasize a well rounded, content-rich education based in liberal arts and sciences.  And, it must be presented in classrooms controlled by our teachers. 

Any reform that excludes such changes, continues to leave our children at risk.

Read A Nation at Risk

Education is only one of the Five Things Kids Need to be Successful.  (more here)

Examples of outstanding curricula in:
Social Science
History and English

Indiana State Teachers Association says moving ISTEP from Fall to Spring is a $70+ million proposition.  Click here

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The legislation passed by the 2008 General Assembly Session failed to contain spending or reduce taxation.   The shift in taxation will still require taxpayer to bear the burden of unconstrained government spending.

Along with placing a cap on spending, it's imperative that we cut wasteful spending.  I believe the most significant way to accomplish this is through state level health care and educational reform and a focus on job creation. 

As we realize a decreased dependence on our current tax structure, we will be able to eventually eliminate the property tax system.

On September 10, 2008 I testified before the Commission on State Tax and Financing Policy.  My proposal, which is endorsed by Hoosiers for Fair, distributes the revenues collected by the current tax system among the hundreds of fees and taxes outlined in The Indiana Handbook of Taxes, Revenue and Appropriations.   Following my testimony, 2 elected Senators (neither in my district) showed that elimination is possible even while lowering sales taxes.  I guess I'm not crazy after all.

Why it's possible.  Click here

Health care and property taxes are related?

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Indiana has lost thousands of jobs in the last few years.  My job creation strategy has proven effective in other states and could provide employment opportunities for 70,000 Hoosiers who are currently unemployed!  

These jobs cannot be sent out of state and do not require an advanced degree! 

Three Birds and One Stone:  Creating Jobs,  Saving Energy and Generating Revenue.


Indiana has suffered a lack of legislative direction when it comes to violent crime prevention as well.  I would sponsor legislation that would drop gun crime by as much as 30%.   Here's how